Origin: Old Norse Meaning: “she-wolf” derived from Old Norse úlfr meaning “wolf” Ulf is a masculine form of the name. ~The photo above are actually coyotes, not wolves, but I seriously love this photo~


Origin: Hebrew Meaning:wolf ( זְאֵב ) Variants: Zeev


Origin: Irish Meaning: little wolf, little hound


Origin: Bulgarian Meaning: wolf


Origin: Russian, Bulgarian, German, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Georgian Meaning: could possibly mean wolf, short, or snow leopard


Origin: Irish Meaning: wolf lover; hound lover Variants: Conor, Conner, Conchobhar, Conchúr, Konner Gender: Male Connor is the anglicized version of the Irish Conchobhar


Origin: Old Norse, English Meaning: wolf counselor Variants: Ralf, Rafe Gender: Male Other languages: Radulf Ancient Germanic), Raoul (Italian, French), Raul (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) Comes from the Old Norse name Radulfr (or Radulf). In the Middle Ages, despite its spelling Ralph, it was often pronounced like Rafe. In the U.S., though, it’s definitely pronounced like…