Origin: English, Bulgarian, Arabic Зара (Bulgarian) Zara زهرة (Arabic) Zahrah- blooming flower زهراء (Arabic) Zahrah’- bright, shining, radiant زهرا (Arabic)- Zahra- bright, shining, radiant Meaning: English form of Zaïre, a name used by Voltaire for a play. He may have based it on Arabic Zahrah ( زهرة) meaning “blooming flower” or Zahrah’ (زهراء) meaning “bright, shining, radiant”….


Origin: Ancient Greek Meaning: the Latinized form of Greek Zoilos, possibly meaning “alive, living”. Zoilus was a Greek grammarian, philosopher, and literary critic who was very critical of Homer’s work, so much so that he was known as Homeromastix meaning “Homer whipper” or “Homer scourge”. There’s also another Zoilus, a saint who was martyred in…


Origin: Bulgarian, Macedonian Захарина (Bulgarian, Macedonian) Meaning: the Bulgarian and Macedonian feminine form of Zechariah meaning “Yahweh remembers”. Zara and Zaharinka are diminutive forms of the name while Zahari is the Bulgarian male form of the name.


Origin: Greek Ζωη (Greek) Meaning: it means “life” in Greek. Variants: Zoe, Zoey, Zoie, Zoé (French); Zoya (Russian, Ukrainian); Zoja (Macedonian, Polish) This is not a name found in A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Origin: English Meaning: variant spelling of Zachary which is the English form of Zachariah, from Greek Zechariah meaning “Yahweh remembers” or “Yahweh has remembered” Zack, Zach and Zac are short forms of the name Variants: Zachary, Zachery, Zackery  


Origin: Arabic  ( زينب ) Meaning: beauty Also the name of a flowering plant Variants: Zainab


Origin: Greek  ( Ζεφυρος ) Meaning: the west wind In Greek Mythology, Zephyros was the Greek god of the west wind Variants: Zephyros, Zephyrus


Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Yahweh has hidden ( צְפַנְיָה ) Variants: Zeph


Origin: Hebrew Meaning:wolf ( זְאֵב ) Variants: Zeev


Origin: French Meaning: French form of Greek Zenobia, meaning “life of Zeus”