Origin: English, Bulgarian, Arabic Зара (Bulgarian) Zara زهرة (Arabic) Zahrah- blooming flower زهراء (Arabic) Zahrah’- bright, shining, radiant زهرا (Arabic)- Zahra- bright, shining, radiant Meaning: English form of Zaïre, a name used by Voltaire for a play. He may have based it on Arabic Zahrah ( زهرة) meaning “blooming flower” or Zahrah’ (زهراء) meaning “bright, shining, radiant”….


Origin: Arabic أمينة (Arabic) Aminah- truthful آمنة (Arabic) Amina- feel safe Meaning: feminine form of Amin (امين) meaning “truthful”. It could also be derived from Arabic amin (أمن) meaning “safe” or “feel safe”. Variants: Aminah, Ameena, Ameenah, Aamina, Aaminah; Emina (Bosnian); Amin (m) Interesting fact: There was a female warrior queen in the northwest of Nigeria named…


Origin: Arabic محمود (Arabic) Mahmoud Meaning: a variant transcription of Mahmud meaning “praiseworthy”, from Arabic hamid meaning “to praise”. Mahmuda is a very rare feminine form of the name. Variants: Mahmud, Mahmood; Mahmut (Turkish); Mehmud


Origin: Lithuanian, Kurdish, Persian, Greek Meaning: a Lithuanian masculine name meaning “eagle”. I’ve also seen it listed as a Kurdish and Persian name meaning “equal” or “balanced”. Aras is also the name of a Greek figure in Greek mythology, believed to have built an ancient town in Pgilasia, Peloponnese. I couldn’t find any info on…


Origin: Arabic Meaning: it means “gazelle”. Variants: Rim, Rema, Rima, Reema


Origin: Persian شاهین (Arabic) Meaning: most sites list it as meaning “peregrine falcon”. Variants: Shaheen; Şahin (Turkish)


Origin: Arabic مروان‎‎ (Arabic) Meaning: from what I could find, it supposedly means “solid stone” Variants: Maruan, Marouane, Merouane, Merwan, Mervan


Origin: African (Swahili); Arabic Meaning: it means “the brave one” or “brave person” in Swahili. I’ve also seen it listed as a variant of an Arabic male name, Jabir, which means “comfort” ot “bringer of comfort” although I’m not too sure of the accuracy on that.


Origin: Persian سهراب (Persian) Sohrab Meaning: it means either “illustrious, shining” or “red water”. In the Persian epic of Shahnameh Sohrab is the name of the son of the hero Rostam. It’s rather a tragic story. Rostam is searching for his lost horse Rakhsh and enters the kingdom of Samangan, becoming the guest of the king whose…


Origin: Hebrew, Arabic, Irish חָנָן (Ancient Hebrew)- Chanan حنان (Arabic)- Hanan Meaning: a masculine Hebrew name meaning “gracious”; there are several minor figures in the Bible with the name. It’s also a feminine Arabic name meaning “mercy, compassion”. Hanan could also be a variant spelling of Irish Hannan from a Gaelic surname of unknown meaning.


Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Indian رامي (Arabic) רמי (Hebrew) Meaning: in Arabic it either comes from the verb rami (رامي) meaning “to throw” referring to either an archer or a good marksman; or it could be from ram (رام) meaning “to wish, to aim at, to dream, to be ambitious”. Rami is also from Hebrew Ram…


Origin: Arabic أيمن (Arabic) Meaning: right-handed, blessed, lucky


Origin: Arabic حفصة (Arabic) Meaning: I’ve seen two different meanings for this name. One is “gathering” and the other is “young lioness”. I’m not sure which of these two is the correct meaning. Variants: Hafsah, Hafza


Origin: Arabic رشيد (Arabic) راشد (Arabic) Meaning: rightly guided Al-rashid is one of the 99 names of Allah in Islamic tradition. Variants: Rashed, Rasheed; Rashida is the feminine form of the name. Abd al-Rashid  ( عبد الرشيد ) is also a variant form of the name, meaning “servant of the rightly guided”.


Origin: Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Slovak, Croatian هناء (Arabic) 花 (Japanese) 華 (Japanese) 하나 (Korean) Meaning: Hana is multicultural name with many different meanings. In Arabic it means “bliss, happiness”. In Persian, Farsi and Kurdish, spelled ( حَنا ) it becomes the name of the henna plant while Kurdish  ( هانا ) means “hope”- though the last…


Origin: Arabic عظمى (Arabic) Meaning: “supreme, greatest”‘ This name doesn’t feature at all in A Series of Unfortunate Events but I couldn’t find any U names so I decided to pick one and feature it regardless.  


Origin: Arabic Meaning: servant of Allah ( عبد الله ) Variants: Abd Allah, Abdulah, Abdollah (Persian), Abdullo, Abdullohi (Tajik)


Origin: Arabic (فارس) Meaning: knight


Origin: Arabic  ( زينب ) Meaning: beauty Also the name of a flowering plant Variants: Zainab


Origin: Greek, Latin Meaning: the Greek and Latin form of Sarah, meaning “lady, princess, noblewoman” Variants: Sarah, Sara